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A Shaodow Observation Register for each candidate shall be maintained by Accounting Team in the format as enclosed at Annexure B11. This Register will be maintained in hard copy and/or in excel sheet, with prints out(kept serially,page numbered) and the observed expenditure as captured by various teams/ reports of Expenditure Monitoring. The purpose of this Register is to cross check the items of the major expenses incurred and reported by the candidate.

The accounting teams shall get information on daily basis from the Video Surveillance Teams, Video Viewing Teams, MCMC, SSTs and FSs, and complaint monitoring Controll Room. The Accounting Team shall work under the overall guidance and supervision of the Expenditure Observer and Assistant Expenditure Observer.

Assitant Expenditure Observer shall make daily inspection of the Shadow Observer Register for each candidate and ensure that all expenditure reported by different teams of Expenditure Monitoring are entered in this Register. In case of any discrepancy or laxity, the same should be immediately reported to the Expenditure Observer.

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